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Clam Shells


Clam shells are pre-formed clear plastic packages that have a cavity for a product and a card. You drop the card and product into the clam shell, fold it, snap it together, and it is ready to hang up in the store. Clam shells can be more than just snapped together, they can be glued together or sonic-welded together for a significantly more tamper-proof and theft-resistant package. Clam shells often need to be opened with the aid of tools. Popular items that use clam shell packaging are pocket knives, sharpening stones, cosmetics, tools, DVDs, CDs, electronics, etc. Clam shells are often used by manufactures of goods so they can be sold in retail stores.

What Is a Clam Shell?

A Clam Shell is a vacuum formed piece of plastic that is heated until it is soft and then sucked down over epoxy or aluminum molds to form a clam shell. Clam shells are usually made out of clear PVC in .010, .015, or .020 thick material.

How Are Clam Shells Made

First, we have to design the clam shell and then make the molds to vacuum form the shape we want, depending on the product we are packaging. After vacuuming the clam shells we die cut them to the right size. Then it is time to fill the clam shell with a display card and the product to be sold. Most clam shells are meant to be hung and displayed but they can be made to stand by themselves or in display trays as well.
After all that is done we pack the clam shells into cartons for shipping. We can pack them in a variety of ways to fit your needs, in bulk or smaller quantities (i.e. 12 in a small box or 6 smaller boxes into one larger box for shipping). We can ship the clam shells when completed or we can handle the whole job: fabricate the clamshells, pack, and ship them. We handle pre-packing operations and drop shipping.

Who Can Take Advantage of Using Clam Shells

Manufactures of small products that need to sell their products to consumers can benefit from clam shells. A printed card can show how the product can be used, directions, ingredients, details, and much more. The see-through package displays the product for the customer to review.

Advantages of Using Clam Shells

  • They are convenient and easy to use
  • They are a different way of packaging [rather than a box or bag]
  • They are often inexpensive and offer improved cost control
  • They are more tamper and theft-resistant
  • They are easy to display with either a hang hole or a tray to hold multiples


Often used for electronics, tools, pocket knives and other sharp objects

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