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Industrial Trays


Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers use industrial vacuum formed trays. They are custom formed plastic trays, formed to fit your products or parts with one or multiple cavities. Industrial Trays include custom trays, salesman kits, tool trays, work trays, and much more.

We design and do all the tooling in house. We have the ability to use wood and or epoxy molds. We also make our own steel rule dies to cut the trays out. No quantity is too small. As a rule, tooling typically costs anywhere from $450 to $850, where other companies charge $2,000 to $5,000+. There is also no set up charge when we run your trays.

Trays can be designed and made in one fully equipped design and mold making shop. Plastic thickness is .010 to .070, and White and Black Styrene are in stock. Other colors may be ordered as needed. Clear PETG .013 and .030 and flocked .020 Styrene in most major colors are in stock. Thicker material may be ordered to meet customer needs. Contact us for your needs.

Small quantities of 100 trays to larger quantities of 100,000 trays are our specialty. No job is too small. Most jobs can be quoted in 2 days, samples made in a week and production started 1 week after sample approval. Most plastics are in stock and sufficient in quantity to begin a job and are ready to produce trays.


Manufacturers use our trays to move goods from one station to another station. They also use them to ship products from plant to plant, or to ship their products to wholesalers or retailers. Wholesalers use the trays to ship their products and display them for the retailers. Retailers use the trays to ship products to their consumers and to display the products in stores.


There are many advantages of using vacuum formed trays over other packing means. Vacuum formed trays are usually made to nest and stack when being shipped. This allows you to ship a lot more trays per box. This makes vacuum formed trays cost less to ship and warehouse than other trays.

Vacuum form trays are easier and faster to fill and prepare. Unlike cardboard, Tullly vacuum form trays are cleaner. Most of Tully Products trays are stacked in bulk bags before we put them in a cardboard box to keep the cardboard dust out.

Vacuum formed trays also provide protection to your product when shipping by keeping the product help firmly in place.
If you need inexpensive customer made tray we are here for you. Contact us today!

Who Can Take Advantage of Using Clam Shells

Manufactures of small products that need to sell their products to consumers can benefit from clam shells. A printed card can show how the product can be used, directions, ingredients, details, and much more. The see-through package displays the product for the customer to review.


  • White and Black Styrene
  • Plastic thickness .010 to .070
  • Small quantities and fast production


  • Salesman kits
  • Plastic formed tool trays
  • Custom plastic trays
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