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Jewelry Trays

jewelry-traysJewelry Trays are vacuum-formed trays for jewelry products. Vacuum forming is the process of heating a sheet of plastic to a specific temperature onto a mold. The plastic is held onto the mold with a vacuum between the surface of the mold and the sheet of plastic.

We are wholesale to display, box, and manufacturing companies. We will also sell retail to individual chains, franchises and stores. Our specialty is 0.20 flocked styrene trays and inserts, stocking most of the major colors in the industry. We also stock a full line of full, half, third, and quarter size trays, along with a large assortment of trays, neck busts, ring blocks, etc.

We do custom work too. We can design and make your displays in our fully equipped mold making shop. No job is too small or too large.
We also sell a wide assortment of sizes and colors of metal and plastic boxes with foam, vacuum form, or covered inserts for your specific needs


  • Cheaper plastic and machine costs
  • Several colors available
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