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Blister Packs

blister packs

Blister Packaging is a pre-formed type of plastic packaging that creates a small cavity for the consumer good in the package. Blister packs often help goods to be tamper and theft resistant. Blister packs are advantageous for protecting products from external elements. Examples of common blister packs are pens, batteries, chap stick, combs, and much more. These are often used buy manufactures of products so they can be sold in retail stores.

We custom make your blisters to fit your item in our fully equipped mold making shop. We gang run your blister cards with other cards to make smaller quantity orders more affordable. Our steel rule die shop makes cutting dies to cut out your blisters and make your sealing dies. It’s your one stop shop for blister packaging. We also handle pre-packing operations and drop shipping.

What Is A Blister Pack

Blister packs are typically made of lidding material and forming film. Blister packs are made of at least 3 items.

  • A blister card, which is a special card that is printed with wax-free inks that allows the adhesive go through the ink into the fibers of the card
  • The blister, which is clear plastic mold made into various shapes and sizes. The plastic form is then put onto the blister pack and sealed to the
    card by way of heat and pressure
  • The consumer goods, that are being displayed on the card

How Are Blister Packs Made

We start by designing the blister and making the molds in house. Then we form the blisters on a vacuum-forming machine. At this station the blisters are formed by way of heat and vacuum. We heat the plastic and suck it over the molds. Then we die cut them. The blisters are typically made of clear PETG or PVC in .010-.030 thickness. The blister card is typically a 21pt printed card with 4-color process on the front and black and white on the back. Once the blisters and the cards are completed, we make a sealing die that will be used to package the items together with heat and pressure. After the sealing dies are completed, we put in the blister. Then the item is to be packaged, followed by the blister card. It is then slid into the blister-sealing machine and, with heat and pressure; the blister is sealed to the card holding your item in the middle. You now have a blister pack.

After that is done, Tully Products will pack the blister packs into a carton. They can be packed in bulk or small quantities. We strive to meet your needs as quickly as possible and offer to ship them back to you or drop ship them directly to your customers.

Who Can Take Advantage Of Using Blister Packs

Manufacturers of small products that need to sell their products to consumers can benefit from blister packs. A printed blister card can show how the product can be used, or what it really is. The see-through package displays the product and protects it against outside elements. The packaging also keeps the product sterilized.

Advantages Of Using Blister Packs

  • They’re convenient and easy to use.
  • They offer improved cost control.
  • They are child resistant.
  • They are are inexpensive
  • They are are consumer friendly.
  • They display the product in a professional manner
  • They are easy to display, with either a hang hole or a tray to hold multiple at once.


  • Used for small consumer goods
  • Tamper resistant plastic packaging


  • Toys
  • Hardware
  • Electrical items
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